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What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation is unique from other evaluations in its comprehensive scope with a focus on the process of how your child learns beyond the scores on tests. It integrates results from standardized assessments, observations of your child during testing, and reported history in order to provide a holistic picture of your child and recommendations tailored to your child’s specific strengths and challenges.


A neuropsychological evaluation often assesses intellectual abilities (IQ) and academic skills (e.g., reading, writing, math), similar to a traditional psychoeducational evaluation. A neuropsychological evaluation takes a more in depth look at how your child processes information beyond just IQ scores and academics. Some of the typical processes that are assessed include:

  • Learning/memory under different modalities (visual and verbal/auditory) and conditions

  • Visual-spatial and visual-motor processing

  • Fine motor skills

  • Receptive and expressive language processing

  • Multi-dimensional attentional skills

  • Executive functioning


In addition to formal testing, the neuropsychologist gathers information from parents, teachers, and your child about:

  • Social-emotional functioning

  • Adaptive functioning (e.g., daily living skills, independent living skills)

  • Behavior


After the evaluation is completed, we will provide you a review of each area of testing and results. A diagnosis will be given when appropriate, but the emphasis is to empower you with a better understanding of how your child learns. We will also detail a range of recommendations to help your child, including strategies or supports that can be implemented at school, home, or by other providers. We will also provide a written document and will be available for future questions or consultations with you and other professionals

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