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About Preston Neuropsychology

At Preston Neuropsychology, we believe in providing you and your child with the tools they need to reach their potential. For this reason, in addition to addressing areas of concern, we also focus on discovering your child’s strengths. When your child needs support, it's important to recognize that they are unique and resilient in their own way in order to build a successful plan that will work for them.


As a pediatric neuropsychologist, Dr. Preston specializes in understanding the relationship between “brain and behavior.” This means finding how your child’s cognitive functions impact learning, behavior, social relationships, emotional regulation, and daily living skills. By gaining a more holistic picture of your child through a neuropsychological evaluation, we can provide recommendations tailored to your child’s specific strengths and challenges.

Andrew S. Preston, Ph.D.

Dr. Preston is a licensed psychologist practicing in the specialty of pediatric neuropsychology since 2009. Prior to this, he earned his Bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. He completed a 5-year doctoral program in clinical psychology from the University of Florida with a concentration in Neuropsychology and extensive training in Child/Pediatric Psychology. He completed a 1-year internship and 2-year post-doctoral fellowship at Brown University Medical School specializing in Pediatric Neuropsychology. His graduate program, internship, and post-doctoral fellowship were APA-accredited and met Houston Conference Guidelines for neuropsychologists.


Dr. Preston has published research involving children with ADHD, learning differences, and other neurological conditions. He has made presentations at professional conferences and given talks to local medical and educational groups. He is a member of the North Carolina Psychological Association, the National Academy of Neuropsychology, The American Psychological Association, and APA Division 40 (Neuropsychology).


Outside of the office, Dr. Preston enjoys running, working outside, and spending time with his wife, children, and dogs. He teaches Sunday school and is a board member at the Hill Center.

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